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Cervical pain, sleepless nights and no energy?

Cervical pain, sleepless nights and no energy? Have you found yourself working   from home or from a not so work friendly environment that gradually contributes into an increasing cervical pain, stress, bad quality of sleep and eventually low productivity levels? If yes, our Intelligent Massager is here to help you. Get your life back. Do what matters the most for you

Intelligent Neck Massager

Neclexy Neck massage device has a variety of massage modes to offer you to choose your favorite mode. The remote control makes it easier to use with 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you have a safe massage experience.

3 Modes

15 Levels of Intensity

Why People Love it
Instant Migraines and Tension headache relief  
Increase blood flow to the neck and head
Relieve muscle tension and neck pain  
Relief from stiff neck caused by stress
Completely soundless
Stimulate The Mind & Body
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10,000 five-star reviews

Human Massage Simulation

The Neclexy simulates real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, improve your sleep quality and promote blood circulation.


Human Massage Simulation

Neclexy ™ Portable Neck Massager
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What Our Customers Say


Greg Lee

As advertised!
This electric pulse neck massager works as great as it’s advertised, the three modes focus on different speeds, positions and lengths, and the temperature can also be adjusted. I like it very much because it’s very light and convenient, yet effective. I can do massages when watching TV, reading or even cooking. It largely reduces my pain in the neck and relaxes my muscles. It improves the living quality during this endless quarantine time.


£ 59.99



Sarah Chen

Shipping for this massager came very fast and I had no issues getting the item. First impressions is it feels like a solid unit and is made of quality material with quality construction. I began using the massage feature and the best I can describe it is similar in style to a tens massage unit. It may take a small amount of getting used to very briefly but once you dial in the settings it works very good. You may be used to the traditional kneading type neck massager and this is not that.


£ 59.99



Anna Lila  

No more soreness.
 I always work for a long time and usually in one sitting position, so tis massager is such a saver for my neck pain and soreness. Very easy to use and it's portable, I can just put it in my bag. And the three modes worked perfectly with your different personal need. I especially like the warm temperature, it's almost like putting an to towel on my neck, very comfortable and relieving.


£ 59.99



Ash Greening

A Game-Changer!
This massager is perfect if you have an type of neck pain! It has a little remote to control what you would like it to do and it does its magic. It also has heat which feels amazing! Don’t miss out in this product, you won’t regret it!


£ 59.99


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